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Chris Binyon and Lynda Strawbridge welcome you to

Archery Equipment WA

Archery Equipment WA and The Molinjor Longbow Company is WAs premier source for archery equipment.

Our new shop is Unit 1 / 4 McDonald Crescent, Bassendean
Just off Collier Road, near the Railway Museum.

Our new premises have more space, more products and more of the outstanding services you have told us you appreciate!
For experienced archers, this  includes a test range with all the appropriate equipment to enable you to work on tuning your own bow

“We are proud to support the charity ”Room To Read” which aims to provide libraries and books for children in areas across the world where poverty is rife and so opportunities for education restricted. If you want to know more please ask us.”

We stock everything to support your traditional, Compound or Recurve shooting!

We have a wide range of bow brands and limbs and we carry an extensive stock of arrow shafts and full range of sizes.

Compound,  Recurve and Traditional bows are all available.

Bows purchased through us receive full after sales service and warranty and we are available to assist you in setting up and tuning the bow.
Bow Tuning, coaching, repairs and servicing to all bows is available at Archery Equipment WA. We use a Mathews accredited Bows Press for all compound repairs.

We offer a high quality, friendly service, expert advice and care and attention to detail. We cater for the novice and experienced archer alike. We’ll explain to you how the details of your bow should be matched to your size, strength and level of ability and why your arrows and accessories should be chosen to match the bow you have selected. We’ll measure you to get the right gear to suit.

Come in and have a chat with us about what you want to achieve from your archery and our knowledgeable and qualified staff will help you to find the right combination of gear.  

Don’t just buy a bow and accessories from someone who doesn’t know how to match you to the correct equipment, you will only be disappointed with the result.
Remember archery is a precision sport and if you want to achieve your best you need equipment that is matched to you personally. Choose where you purchase before you choose what you buy.  

Don’t be misled into thinking that you have to order and wait weeks to get suitable equipment.  We have a fully equipped and fully stocked shop where you can look at and handle, different brands and types of bows and all associated equipment.  In the unusual event that we don’t have the right combination of equipment for your needs we can quickly source and acquire it for you.

"If you have something that needs repair, bring it in.  We have all the correct equipment and training to make those repairs safely and correctly."

Think carefully before you make an internet purchase.  The initial cost may seem attractive, but  what you don’t get from the Internet is Service, Experience and Depth of Knowledge. You also don’t get any warranty on items purchased from the Internet. Check the brand websites for the truth of this.
You will gain more practical information from talking to us, than in many hours of scanning the Internet.
Don’t guess - talk to Archery Equipment WA - who can give you the facts and honest practical advice.  

Archery Equipment WA prides itself on having the wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get the right equipment for your specific needs.

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